Storytime is a Danish writing-first film company. We focus on the idea creation, development and writing stages of fiction.

The film industry is an ancient one, steeped in history and majestic innovations. But like any other industry that is guarded by high-cost entry barriers and a complex level of execution; it is also an outdated one. The gap between innovation and application is enourmous. We want to change that. Storytime strives to question every aspect of filmmaking and thus have an ongoing innovative mindset to movie making. Our goal is to develop new best-practices for creating the best possible stories with the least amount of capital.


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions on our past or ongoing projects.

Milad Avaz
Writer & Director
milad (at) storytimepictures (dot) dk
After graduating his masters degree in corporate strategy and economics, Milad was headhunted to a tech investment fund. In 2015 he quit his job in Copenhagen and moved to Los Angeles to follow his new dream of becoming a filmmaker. Milad debuted with a short film that won the official short film festival of Denmark, Ekko Shortlist, and one year later his first feature film "While We Live" had a major cinema release in Denmark.

Jannick Dalgaard
Producer & Coordinator
jannick (at) storytimepictures (dot) dk
After several years as a manager in the retail industry Jannick took off to Norway to fulfill his dream of becoming a ski instructor, when he returned to Copenhagen for the summer he was offered to work as a coordinator producing a short film - A whole new world opened and Jannick suddenly knew where he was supposed to be. After working as Production Manager on the feature film While We Live, there has been no looking back.